My whole life I am crazy of music Favourites bands of that time were The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Byrds,The Doors, and many others and I still have a lot of this music on vinyl

My interest in House-Music began in the nineties when I met my current wife.

Her two sons, Dimar (RIP) and Jeff (DJ Jeff Beats) were just started mixing and I found them very talented, They are the winners of several DJ-Talent competitions
I started in 2003 to mix with vinyl but rarely managed to make a reasonable mix.

After a few years i went to a DJ school from DJ Miss Smile where I learned the basics of mixing with turntables.

After 40 years work i am since 2008 with early retirement, so I have all the time for this hobby music searching on the internet and create music mixes.

In 2008 I bought two CD players and after a long time practicing i make sometimes a reasonable mix for a amateur DJ, but there is certainly room for improvement, so I keep practicing